Session Info - skye marlowe, dc dominatrix



From novices to experienced players all levels are welcome to come explore and play.  Couples are  welcomed and my rates are generous.

My verification protocol consists of:

  1. Fill out the application on the Contact Me page
  2. We'll schedule a one on one meeting in public prior to  any sessions. I have a one-time  fee of $50 for the application / booking process and to hold your date and time  for the meeting. The meeting consists of us going over your application, likes , interests, hard limits as well as what I expect. This is the time where we get to know one another and see if there is a connection (or) cannot meet in person: then a phone call through my paid line will need to be scheduled prior to an in-person session.


These are just some of my interests and talents.  If you don't see something just ask, as long as it's not on the hard limits list below:

  • SENSUAL PLAY: Foot Worship, Tease and Denial
  • CBT: Squeezing, Crushing, Kneeing, Genital Flogging, Rope
  • BONDAGE: Chains, handcuffs, straps, ropes and other toys. I will decide when to release you and what I do with you, but you will have no chance for escape.
  • CORPORAL  PUNISHMENT: Flogging, caning, spanking, over the knee, paddles, punching, slapping and ball busting.  
  • FORCED FEMINIZATION: Sissy play, let me dress you up like my Barbie doll, for me to play with.
  • SENSORY PLAY: Blindfolds, Mummification, Erotic Tickling and  Gags 
  • ROLE PLAY: I can be your strict teacher, librarian, police woman, secretary, maid, etc. I enjoy taking on roles and different accents, ask me.
  • GOLDEN SHOWERS: Enjoy the taste of my warm pee as I stand or squat over you and pee on your face or in your mouth to claim you mine and mine only. 
  • NIGHT ON THE TOWN:- Take me shopping, a nice dinner, dancing, concert, a play, etc. You will find I have varied interests, refined tastes and make for the perfect date.


The following are hard limits

  • Heavy medical play
  • Scat
  • Ruby showers
  • Anything involving children/animals 
  • Worship / contact of any part of  my body that is typically covered by a bikini.
  • Switching/subbing
  • Scripts (scripted scenes stunt my creativity and bores me. 
  • Any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual  (This includes giving or receiving oral sex). I am a Dominatrix:: sessions are centered around BDSM, fetish and Femdom.